As many of you know I work at Springload.

We are lucky enough to sponsor (by way of providing the website) the International Arts Festival every two years. Consequently we get to go to a few shows.

Last Sunday night was one of the best. I have to admit to having never heard of The Swell Season, nor have I seen their acclaimed movie Once. Now I own two CD’s and I’m ready to offer my hand in marriage to Mar – the female half of the song-writing duo.

Here’s a video from their website to give you a flavour. Beautiful in so many ways.

2 thoughts on “The Swell Season”

  1. As enthralling as this clip is there are only so many times that I can watch it (but it is good). Since March 21 I have been trawling backwards and forwards to your blog – now how many days is that – well about 46 days (who knew i had so many fingers and toes?) and no Update to your blog – so hard to be loyal… get to work! G:-)

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