A part of me, actually the biggest part of me, wanted the Irish to win the test match at the Cake Tin last Saturday night. They came close. My impression was that the All Blacks played a rather mediocre game, regardless of how bad the conditions affected the play of the ball.

My lack of support for the All Blacks follows on the heels of Chris Rattue in the NZ Herald. Never a finer 1000 words have been said by a sports journalist. Chris walked out on a very tenuous limb and broke the apparent cardinal rule of the old-boys-club that are sportswriters, and criticised the coach!! Quelle horreur!

He was vindicated, and supported, by many for his opinion, as the stories that followed attest.

Today I found this surprising revelation:

NZRU chief executive Steve Tew admitted the organisation didn’t envisage Henry’s new two-year tenure – made after he guided New Zealand to their worst ever placing at a World Cup in France last October – would have been greeted with widespread condemnation.

How can the NZRU be so out of touch? As well as Henry losing his job perhaps some of the NZRU executive should have stood down as well.

Robbie Deans has gone to coach the Wallabies – that’s surely going to bite us on the bum.

Jerry Collins has walked out alone into the snow – he could be gone for some time…no-one, least of all Graeme Henry, gave him the send off he deserved.

I’m so excited about the England game this weekend. Deep down inside I want the All Blacks to win, but another part of me wants to scream “I told you so!” in the event of a loss. We will wait and see.

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  1. hahah im so glad the walabies won … robby ur the man … and graem go get a life

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