Sugar gave me a set of acrylics for my Christmas present. I’ve been saying for ages it was about time I started painting again. So with the receipt of this gift I really had no excuse.

The last time I had dabbled in painting it was using industrial grade canvas stretched over a frame knocked together with four x two wood, and a whole swag of Resene test pots. This time I went to Gordon Harris and bought a canvas and some smaller brushes and set to work.

The result: A wood pigeon, based on an illustration of John Gerrard Keulemanns from the 1888.

Keruru, Wood Pigeon artworkThe work is for sale. It measures 61cm x 20 cm. Anything above $675.00 will secure this for you.

2 thoughts on “Artwork by Skinny”

  1. Hey Alan,

    What about a high-res version for those who want to print it out in colour for their wall at work? 🙂

    Great painting.


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