This is the worst piece of viral marketing I’ve ever seen. A colleague sent this around work and not many could finish watching it. (The YouTube version is cut down from the full length movie which can be found here:

It is so wrong on so many levels. It illustrates all that is bad about America – spreading obesity, spreading mass culture (bad mass culture) – it’s facile, patronising, and obscene.

The effort and cost that Burger King went to to corrupt these innocent “Whopper Virgins” gross, especially in a world of financial turmoil.

And these advertising wankers think that they are doing god’s work. How can they even take themselves seriously, or even accept money for doing this.

Please, please – boycott Burger King. Write to Burger King and tell them that this is unacceptable. Their address is:

Burger King NZ Ltd
6 Antares Place
Mairangi Bay
AUCKLAND, New Zealand

Email: [email protected]

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