Surprise, surprise. Finance Minister Bill English fesses up and admits that low paid New Zealanders would have been better off with Labour’s tax-cut policy.

According to the Radio New Zealand website:

Mr English has consistently argued (lied?) that no one will be worse off, but on Thursday conceded Labour’s changes to the lowest marginal tax rate would have done more for some low income workers than National’s tax cuts…

And what is more the Maori Party voted for the changes to the tax law!

Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell acknowledged the legislation will not help the majority of his constituents, and told Parliament it was difficult to accept those earning under $40,000 will receive no tax cut this year.

However, he defended his party’s support of the bill as honouring its confidence and supply agreement with National.

Very honourable. Shit on your people to save face with National. Nice.

One thought on “National’s tax cuts will hurt the poor”

  1. Hurts the poor? Pah-lease, your post title is dishonest and misleading.

    Anyways, we’re all worse-off under National tax policy if we want to compare it to ACT’s… or even the Libz (w00t, no income tax!)

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