Cars and councillors

What is it with old cars.

I spotted Ray Ahipene-Mercer driving round in some old gas-hungry 1940’s roadstar covered in placards. I thought it was kind of cute in a gimmicky way.

Then, lo and behold, the very same day I see Bryan Pepperell driving what looked like a 1930’s baby Austin, again covered in placards.

What is it with these two? I have to say neither of them looked particularly happy – perhaps they both know how the polls are going.

I’ve looked for some popularity polls without success but then Wellington probably doesn’t need to be polled – in the face of no competition Kerry is likely to win again [sigh].

5 thoughts on “Cars and councillors”

  1. Yes I have a baby Austin 1933 and it is being used shamelessly to publicise my campaign. My Austin is less Horse Power than a small motorcycle. I’m very happy but I was probably consentrating on Keeping my 74 year old car on the road. I haven’t had it out for a year.

    I don’t think you are well informed . I’m doing fine. You appear to be a Kerry supporter. Ahipene Mercer is a right wing candidate and I’m proudly on the left. His rating policy has been to move business rates onto home owners and tenants. He supported the destruction of Te Rae Kai hau Point.
    Where do you stand on these issue ?

    Have a happy day.

  2. Hi Bryan

    Good of you take take the time out of your busy schedule to respond to a lone constituent such as me.

    I’m not a Kerry supporter – that’s why I sigh at the thought of her romping back in.

    I agree with you they should build the Aquarium somewhere else, but is Red Rocks less culturally relevant than Te Rae Kai hau Point?

    Paul Bailey has finally revealed himself in the Wellingtonian newspaper as someone whose policies are mainstream and sensible enough to be attractive to me. His rating ideas are spot-on – whether they are affordable is another matter but at least they are more equitable. It’s just a pity it’s too little too late.

    How many times have you run for mayor? You lost by a sizeable margin last election – what has changed that makes you a better option this time around?

    As I have said in several of my posts I don’t want to vote for Kerry – she appears to me to be a self-serving egomaniac. But the voters are starved for choice.

    I want a mayor who can be charismatic, with good sensible policies, neither right nor left leaning. To my mind Paul Bailey fits the bill, but due to his lack of commitment to getting elected (no advertising or promotion) I fear the worst.

    Perhaps you could lend him your car?

  3. Ray’s car is there for all to see on. The difference between his and the one Pep is driving is that Ray restored his own – and to a prize-winning standard. Ray is not right-wing. He’s just sensible, and has a record of bringing people together, and getting things done. Why is giving mild support to building an educational facility on a car-park considered right-wing? Pep seems best at name-calling. Has he ever done anything?

  4. I saw Ian McKinnon driving a late-ish model Mitsi Galant with his billboards behind on a trailer. Not quite as notable Pepps or Ray A-M.

    McGrath has his rebted billboard truck parked around the Basin at the moment. Amusingly (at least to me) it says ‘Follow me’ on the back but is going nowhere.

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