“I can manage $6 billion – truly!”

John McGrathRevealed today in the newspaper that John McGrath , mayoral hopeful, owes creditors tens of thousands of dollars for his new drinking venture, Buena Vista Social Club.

Now, it’s not unusual to rack up huge debts getting a business off the ground, so maybe this story is a bit of a beat up by the Prendergast-lovers at the Dominion Post.

And it’s probably easy to find people keen to slag off high profile wannabes.

But we should take into consideration that a man who was adjudged bankrupt and whose campaign cry is “Leadership” may not be the best person to be looking after $6 billion dollars worth of assets.

And is it just me, or do others find his billboards just a bit too flippant. It’s policy we want to hear about John – as tedious as that may be for you…