I have just listened to Country Life on Radio New Zealand National – an eclectic radio show about all things rural.

On today’s edition Susan Murray met with Colin Meads (All Black legend) at Pinetree Farm in Te Kuiti. Colin told of how he donated all his money from speaking engagements, generating enough income for IHC to purchase the Pinetree Farm.

He’s been involved with IHC for many years. This is not news. What is news is that he was responsible for some of IHC’s most successful fundraising activities – activities that are more successful in generating income than the annual appeal.

The most prominent of these is the IHC Calf Scheme. Colin was responsible for getting PGG Wrightson on board in promoting this concept.

It’s simple: a farmer agrees to donate and raise a number of calves on his or her property, and then these calves are sold by PGG Wrightson on behalf of the IHC. Around 4000 calves are sold every year, generating upwards of $1 million dollars in revenue.

This is an idea that could have only come out of the country. It wasn’t dreamed up by a flashy city advertising agency. It was dreamed up by Colin Meads (and his team).

I’m impressed.

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  1. I’m guessing the people who invested in Provincial Finance when Meads was shilling for them are less impressed

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