Test post from phone

I’m excited.

I have finally managed to get remote posting set up for my blog. This means I can post via email from my Palm 700wx.

In 2 days time I’m leaving on a motorcycle tour around the South Island. I won’t have my laptop with me, nor will I have time to post from an internet café. Finally my smart phone proves to actually be smart.

I’ll keep you posted – so to speak.

4 thoughts on “Test post from phone”

  1. Oh, and have a good trip 😉 When are you in Queenstown? I am there next Thursday/Friday, but I assume you won’t be by then. Safe journeys, don’t get stuck between swollen rivers!

  2. What do you mean it doesn’t work. That post was sent by my Palm. I’m in Queenstown on Monday night – if I make it 🙂

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