Facebook group targets Tony Veitch

LATEST: At 4.15pm Tony Veitch holds a press conference and admits the assault. On Close Up Michelle Boag makes the ‘speech mark’ signal with her hands when she mentions the ‘victim’ as if to say Veitch’s ex wasn’t a ‘victim’, even though he just admitted the assault.

The Facebook Group “Boycott Tony Veitch” is definitely gone from Facebook, and a new group “The boycott of the boycott media appearances by Veitch” has appeared instead. As of 8.00pm it had 16 members.

LATEST: 2.34pm: It appears this group has been removed. Does anyone have any information on this?

With revelations in Stuff this morning that Tony Veitch allegedly broke four vertebrae in his ex-girlfriends back the Facebook crowd are swift to react.

A new group “Boycott Tony Veitch” has been established. You need to be logged in to Facebook to see it. As of midday today there were 74 members.

The crowd has gone wild.

Word is out that the Dominion Post have more revelations to come.

One thought on “Facebook group targets Tony Veitch”

  1. What i get pissed off about is the way ZB instructed their staff not to take calls on Veitch for 2 days, waiting until he made a statement !!! Where was the usually feral, populist, rabid Leighton Smith ? The man who makes a living out of labelling and ridicule uttered not a word, and when he finally did, it was very measured and reserved.

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