FatsoI’m a convert.

After paying $23 at Wellington Library for overdue DVD’s and hearing my colleague talk about Fatso as an alternative I signed up on the 2 week free trial.

And am I impressed? You bet.

I registered on a Wednesday, and on Thursday my first three DVDs arrived in the post. Exactly what I ordered. No overdue fees again. And the plan I selected (6 DVD’s a month) means that my boys can have Star Wars, or Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em all month while we can churn through the very impressive array of Documentary titles.

Our current favourite is The Staircase – a fly-on-the-wall view of a murder trial that showed on SBS in the States last year. I won’t provide a link to it because I’m only half way through the 12 part series and I don’t want to Google and inadvertently discover the outcome of the trial. But if you really want to know look here.

Once you have finished watching the DVD you pop it in a Freepost envelope (provided) and send it back.

What’s more they are using my nickname to promote their newsletter – The Skinny from Fatso. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!