Many of you will have caught up with Paul Henry and his reaction to Stephanie Mills and her facial hair. We shouldn’t be surprised about Paul’s insensitivity or opinions.

What we might be more surprised about is Alison Mau’s comments as a reaction to Paul. In amongst reading the emails from irate and upset viewers she finally admitted what many of us have known for a long time – TVNZ is not serious about news – they are only interested in making ‘good’ telly and if good telly means they have to criticise and make fun of a woman’s facial hair, then so be it.

Reading out the emails and reaction to Paul’s comments Mau says without even a hint of irony:

“…but in actual fact, when you think about it, we need people to watch the television that we’re making, for good or ill, and I think, you know, even though you have been quite vile this morning, it’s…you know…it makes good telly…”

Scroll through to around 02:52 and watch her say it, live on the television.

TVNZ is only interested in crap, but especially in crap that generates an audience.

There’ll be a lot more of this rubbish when National removes the charter. At about that time I’ll be upgrading my Fatso subscription so I never have to watch TV again.