Green CabsSince coming back from our sojourn overseas I noticed a new taxi firm has started in Wellington.

Green Cabs runs a fleet of hybrid Toyota Prius cars. They have a very distinctive paint job so would be hard to miss on a cab rank. It’s not a new concept – from a Google search there are companies in London and San Francisco doing the same thing.

But already the new cab off the rank has raised the ire of the Taxi Federation. The Green Cab company claim that they are the first to run hybrid cars. This has prompted Tim Reddish (Executive Director of the Taxi Federation) to hit back.

Green Cabs has a highly visible profile and should appeal to punters who care about the environment. To celebrate the launch of the company they are ‘organising’ the planting of 10,000 trees in Honduras – presumably (I’m such a cynic) because it’s cheap to do so.

Either way, congratulations to a great idea.

4 thoughts on “Green Taxis”

  1. I doubt it. But it’s interesting to see that Wellington Combined Taxis claim to be carbon neutral. How that happens I don’t know. I think the Green Cabs is a great idea and should be applauded and rewarded.

  2. I doubt either of them are carbon neutral yet- hopefully by the time they have all wasted a lot of time and money on carbon credits etc- this green thing will have died a natural death, just like Y2K did- what a huge industry that became, remeber the world was going to end.

  3. Green Cabs claim they have Telecom contract Ha!!! Another major Taxi company has this in Auckland and they do most of the work with their hybrid cars along side Green cabs, In the end Green cabs will no longer be on the streets of auckland. Have heard rumor that owner of Green cabs is Ex Telecom Hello !!!! Telecom contract, time will tell

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