Recycling taken to an extreme

I’m all for recycling and composting but this story that I saw when I was away struck me as a little bit yikky.

Apparently in China there is a company recycling used condoms and making them into hair bands.

Doctors have condemned the practice saying there’s a danger of catching a sexually transmitted disease (like AIDS or genital warts), especially by women and girls who hold the band in their mouth while they gather their hair up to tie it.

Which begs the question “How are they actually recycling them?”

Do men simply deliver the condom (used) and whoever accepts it chops the sac (and contents) then gives it a quick rinse, and, hey presto, we have a hair tie?

The practise is distasteful, but surely the recycling process cleans, disinfects then reconstitutes the rubber.

So girls…don’t put the rubber band in your mouth, unless you wear a dental dam…which I guess (following its use) could be recycled as well.