“It’s my destiny” Gordon cried

Gordon CopelandGordon Copeland claimed he would be the co-leader of the as-yet-unnamed Christian political party with ex Destiny New Zealand leader, Richard Lewis.

But at a press conference earlier announcing the de-registration of Destiny New Zealand (the political arm of the Destiny Church) Bishop Tamaki refused to be drawn on whether Gordon Copeland would be co-leader. Gordon was left to reveal this from his empty and forlorn looking office later in the afternoon. You can watch the press conference here: http://www.youtube.com/destinytv

Hands up who thinks Gordon will still be part of this party by the time the next election comes around?

Firstly his backer, Bishop Tamaki, won’t commit to Gordon and doesn’t even invite him to the announcement; and secondly Gordon patronises Richard Lewis in public, on TV, by suggesting he needs some mentoring. Phew!

Then to top it off, they have asked Taito Philip Field to be part of the movement in Mangere. Field wisely suggested he won’t make a decision until his bribery allegations are dis-proved.

Yep, I’m predicting 1.3% of the poll – if they make it to the election, intact and still friends.