Student tasered for asking a question

It’s shocking.

Don’t watch if you believe in the right to free speech.

At a John Kerry forum in Gainesville, Florida a student began asking a few lengthy questions – one of which revolved around the alleged vote rigging which supposedly lost Kerry the chance of becoming President.

The senator was ready to answer the questions, but before he could do so the police stepped in, turned off the microphone and proceeded to drag the student out of the auditorium. Before they left the building four or five (possibly more) police wrestled him to the ground, and then tasered him.

I’m not sure what was more shocking.

  • The fact that the police were overreacting to the questioner or,
  • the fact that everyone sat by and let this happen.

Apathy rules in American universities.


Also check this link. The video quality is bad but it gives a better run-up to the incident and reveals the entire question line.

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