Bloody hell – what a bore watching John Key and Helen Clark talk about nothing.

But, how fantastic listening to the commentators afterwards discuss the debate. Jenni McManus in particular stood out. Here are a few choice quotes from her.

On Trust:

I think particularly after last Friday night with his redundancy package I don’t think there’s a single policy or principle that he wouldn’t trade to become Prime Minister.

On the Economy:

I think what we do need is change. We don’t need the safe pair of hands that Helen Clark is talking about – we need a change agent. Now I’m not sure that John Key is that change agent. Their policies are so similar in the only area that matters, which is the economy.

On Leadership:

Well, we’re not getting any particularly (leadership). I mean, we’ve got a woman there haranguing everybody in sight and we’ve got a very timid leader of the National Party who’s afraid to open his trap – so I mean, you know – spot the difference.