The people have spoken – Hell Pizza, and presumably Colenso BBDO realised they offended the wrong people. It now appears that the “Thriller” microsite has been withdrawn.

As well as being insensitive to the family of Sir Ed, I saw on the news last night they have also offended a New Zealand family by offering a free Thai massage with a pizza. Check out the news item here.

5 thoughts on “Hell Pizza microsite withdrawn”

  1. Could the site have been taken down as Halloween is now over for another year?

  2. That’s the sort of excuse someone from Colenso or Hell might make. If the site had merit then they would have left it live – especially given the money they would have spent to produce it.

  3. You are obviously a marketing expert alongside your intrinsic knowlege of Kiwi sensitivites Skinny… you must be the life of a party. I happen to think that I looked better than I have in years. I won’t bother in future, you can make do with Peter Blake.

  4. “I won’t bother in future…”

    So, you either know the person who made this crap, or you made it yourself and can’t accept criticism.

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