National makes another blunder today through the mouth of it’s leader…apparently the Iraq war is over.

What planet is John Key on? Hello? Anyone home?

Keith Locke summed up the situation beautifully on Stuff this afternoon:

“Until Mr Key put me wise I had assumed the US and its coalition allies were bogged down fighting an intractable insurgency in Iraq that had seen a surge in US troop numbers earlier this year.”

This shows an immaturity on Mr Key’s part. If the Americans and the British found out that the next Prime Minister of New Zealand (according to the polls) is declaring the Iraq war as over we’ll be a laughing stock.

John Key really needs to learn to control what comes out of his mouth.

3 thoughts on “Lock(e) and Key”

  1. Certainly not – if I was I’d never be able to change my mind!

    Although, John Key doesn’t seem to have trouble changing his mind…

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