Wellington PhoenixCongratulations to the Phoenix – in their first A-League match they draw 2-2 with Melbourne Victory, reigning champions of the league. According to the Sydney Morning Herald the crowd stood at 14,400 – a New Zealand soccer club record.

And I’m guessing that the attendance record will be blown out of the water if the deal is signed later this week bringing David Beckham and the LA Galaxy to Wellington in November. Stadiums across the USA have been selling out due to the draw of Beckham – an event which is likely to have the same impact here.

Thanks Terry Serepisos for making it happen.

2 thoughts on “Phoenix flies”

  1. And the great footballer George Best ended up a drunk, with no functioning kidney. How much had he had to drink when he made that comment (as witty as it is) about David Beckham?

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