Qantas malfunctions again

I wrote sometime back about the woes of flying Qantas – can you ever be guaranteed to arrive at your destination?

A Qantas flight on route to Shanghai had to return to Sydney after a radar malfunction. This is on the back of a similar problem that forced “QF12 to “piggyback” behind an Air New Zealand aircraft for virtually its entire journey from Los Angeles to Sydney on October 29“.

That’s a total of eight incidents in the last five months that we know about.

This has to be a public relations disaster for the airline. Travel is down along with the economy, so it follows if you are going to travel you’re going to want to travel with an airline that will actually get you there – on time and safely.

There’s no reference to this incident on the Qantas site. I guess that’s their strategy – keep mum on these problems.