Natalie DylanSlutty looking Natalie Dylan (probably not her real name) is selling her virginity to the highest bidder. According to news reports the leading bid currently stands at $6.7 million dollars. Watch out Trade Me.

Wow, what a great idea. This follows on from her sisters stunning idea to be a prostitute for three weeks in order to fund her university education.

Natalie obviously comes from a creative and entrepreneurial family. This is much better and easier than that clever dick (he was a man) who sold one million pixels for $1 million dollars. Natalie only has to have sex once, and with a millionaire.

A question though. Does Natalie have to prove she’s a virgin? If I was the millionaire currently at the top of the bidding scale I’d want to know I was paying for the real thing.

I like the photo too…it looks a bit like Natalie’s head doesn’t belong to her body – like it should be somewhere else…

Good luck to them both – the winner and Natalie. She’ll be able to give great advice once she has finished her masters degree in Family Psychology.

Tip # 1: Don’t sell your virginity to the highest bidder.

2 thoughts on “The $6.7 million virgin”

  1. what is she thinking…? no wait she’s not, that’s the problem. Talk about regrets later on in life much? GROSS & CRASS, just imagine what her boyfriend or one day if she’s lucky, what her husband will have to say about that. At least she’ll get some good counseling for that money, because she’ll need it! and what about the highest bidder – loser much? And yeah I’d like to know how she is going to prove she is a virgin too? wrong in so many ways.

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