Try the election quiz on

You might be surprised at the outcome if you try the election quiz at new news site Pundit.

Not one person in our office came up with National or Labour as the top result – some of us were shocked at who the quiz recommended – me included. I had never thought to vote Progressive in my life 🙂

Other like minded liberals discovered they should be voting NZ First for gods sake!

Now, you could be excused for thinking the algorithm behind the quiz is completely shonky – but think again. This quiz has been developed (in conjunction with Pundit) by US company Glassbooth. They won an award for their US Presidential Quiz. So they aint stupid.

I’m not convinced that this is going to change the way I vote (sorry Jim) but it does raise questions about how neither of the major parties seem to be addressing any of the real concerns any of my work colleagues (22 in total have).

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  1. I tried it and was not too surprised at the NZ result, but was surprised at the result I got when I did the US quiz. Though on thinking about it perhaps I should not have been.

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