Margo MCauleyMany many people in Wellington will be as shocked as I was to hear of the death of Margo McAuley.

She was a ‘celebrity’ real-estate sales woman who ran her own series of very tastefully designed and conceived billboards. And she was very very successful at selling real estate, which in turn helped to pay for the advertising profile.

For her friends and family who are no doubt hurting deeply it will be a mixed blessing to see her name associated with property still on the market. Just do a Google Search to see how many results come up.

Whatever you think of real estate agents Wellington and the real estate industry has lost a trailblazer and a vibrant enthusiastic go-getter.

My sympathy goes to all her colleagues and family.

5 thoughts on “Margo McAuley dies”

  1. As friends of Margo’s, we are deeply saddened by the news of her death. She was a fantastic person, a great friend, always bubbly and very hard working. She will be greatly missed by all that knew her, and things will never been the same. RIP Margo.

  2. My family were once very close to Margo and became her New Zealand family for a while when she joined Tommys. We have been so shocked and devestated by her death and wish to extend our condolenses to her family in Ireland and her friends and colleagues in Wellington .I will miss her very much and sincerely hope she is really at peace. Love you Margo, Max, Mike and Bailey, and Pete,& Jacqui Lock

  3. did not her precarious financial position also contribute to Margo’s sad passing and did Kim Mcintyre not leave his first wife and children for Margo. Perhaps Mr McIntyre should stand up and be counted

  4. The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

    Christine Rankin’s actions and what she said on Sunday referring to Margo McCauley is nothing less than abhorrent. i.e.: “…a complex times a difficult friend…but still a friend…” and “…there was NO affair”

    Ofcourse there must have been an “affair” – even if had been a “courtship” – that would still equate to having an affair! If Christine Rankin did not have an affair with Kim MacIntyre then what did she have??? Just an agreement that one day they will marry and live happily ever after?? – yeah, right!!!

    As for becoming the Families Commissioner ………….well, talk about ‘The Pot Calling The Kettle Black’ !!! – afterall, this whole ‘affair’ (excuse the pun) involved much more than Margo, Kim (her late husband) and his bit of fluff (Christine Rankin)! It has deeply affected Margo’s entire family in Ireland, and let us not forget, Margo’s step-children – her family (Kim’s children).

    I used to have such admiration for Ms Rankin…that is up until I heard the shocking news about her and Kim MacIntyre. I put her on a pedestal and believed that she would be a wonderful ambassador as Families Commissioner – speaking out and without doubt commanding attention on this very sensitive and emotive issue… and being heard! She has a voice (there’s no doubt about that!) and she would have been heard…just as she was on the Sunday programme that screened on Sunday evening – 17 May 09.

    As Families Commissioner, it is not just about speaking out for babies trown in tumble dryers and hug from close-lines but about F A M I L I E S! ENTIRE families. Also, didn’t Christine say that she had come from an abusive background??? Well, quite often the victims of such unfortunate situations become abusers themselves…not always, but it is quite common. Christine you know very well that you contributed tothe actions taken by the very desperate and hurting Margo McAuley. Sorry, buty ou have made your nest, now you have to sleep in it; YOU, Christine, attributed very much to Margo’s tragic death.

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