Hell Pizza, the maverick pizza company intent on shock and offence, have released a microsite http://www.backfromthedead.co.nz/ (brought to us by Colenso BBDO).

Called Happy Helloween (I guess that’s a pun) it shows Sir Edmund Hillary, the Queen Mother, and (I think) Heath Ledger, dancing to a re-mix of something that sounds like Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

If it was witty, or even entertaining, then it might be halfway to being funny – but it’s none of these things.

0 out of 10 to Hell and to Colenso.

2 thoughts on “Hell Pizza wins the bad taste award”

  1. I am a franchisee and we are truly ashamed of Colenso, they never hit the mark but take our marketing dollars. Respected advertising company, maybe for the companies they hit the mark with which are not us. I use to be a proud franchisee but now I am stuck with a bunch of egos (Burger King who own us and Colenso) who are driving us into the ground. Meanwhile our great leader is at the Hong Kong 7s, maybe with Colenso as we all feel the pinch. Wall Street greed has nothing over these guys. I feel sick

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