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Hell Pizza wins the bad taste award

Hell Pizza, the maverick pizza company intent on shock and offence, have released a microsite http://www.backfromthedead.co.nz/ (brought to us by Colenso BBDO). Called Happy Helloween (I guess that’s a pun) it shows Sir Edmund Hillary, the Queen Mother, and (I think) Heath Ledger, dancing to a re-mix of something that sounds like Michael Jackson’s Thriller. […]

Newspaper marketing

The Dominion Post has been running an aggressive campaign in our neighbourhood…free newspaper five days a week for three weeks…the promotion has just ended. Nearly every driveway in the local environs had the promotional paper – you could tell promotion from actual by the distinctive packaging. Last night I got a call from the Fairfax […]

Cannes International Advertising Festival Grand Prix winners

For the first time ever the Cannes International Advertising Festival’s Film category has awarded the Grand Prix to two entries: Cadbury’s Gorilla TV commercial, and Microsoft’s Halo 3 web film campaign. The Cadbury Gorilla has been on YouTube for nearly a year. I guess because of the recent win Cadbury is rolling the TVC here […]