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The war on Obesity

It is heartening to see that the government is looking seriously to address the issue of obesity by implementing a ‘traffic-light’ system for food. It may be too simplistic (according to the critics) and our eyes might eventually glaze over (like health warnings on cigarette packs) but it’s a start in the right direction. From […]

Dunedin riots

The riots in Dunedin brought to mind the ‘troubles’ in Befast in the 1980’s except there were no rubber bullets fired by the police. Perhaps there should have been. I now hear on the news on my way home tonight that some students could spend up to 2 years behind bars for their involvement in […]

John Key #3

I watched Hone Harawira describing John Key as a “smiling little snake” on Sunday tonight. Hone accused him of having exactly the same policies as Don Brash when he was leader of the National Party. Of course whoever wins the next election is going to need the Maori Party to govern, unless Mr Key believes […]