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Phoenix flies

Congratulations to the Phoenix – in their first A-League match they draw 2-2 with Melbourne Victory, reigning champions of the league. According to the Sydney Morning Herald the crowd stood at 14,400 – a New Zealand soccer club record. And I’m guessing that the attendance record will be blown out of the water if the […]

Heavy drug users

I did a straw poll at work today. My question was “What do you think is the most commonly prescribed drug in New Zealand, after Paracetamol?” Here are the responses from my co-workers, in no particular order: Prozac – good try Viagra – hmmm, wishful thinking Something for arthritis(?) – could be… Asthma medication – […]

Nathans Finance

News that Nathans Finance parent company VTL Finance is about to go under did not surprise me. I have been the unwilling target of their direct mail campaign for over a year now. The intensity of the advertising onslaught made me wary. One good communication expounding a good interest rate and a satisfactory level of […]