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Consumer recalls

The last recall notification I received from Consumer made it kinda obvious that there’s little or no difference between branded and non-branded grocery items – apart from the price. Apparently filled pasta under the brands Delmaine, Pams and Signature Range all have the possibility of containing iron filings. The iron filings are in the filling […]

Action This

Here’s a plug for a new product launched by some ex-Intergenites. In fact the business is an off shoot of Intergen so there’s some serious development power behind it. Action This : get stuff done, go home early! I arrived home at 8.45pm tonight. Perhaps I need something like this. I downloaded the trial today […]

Say Cheese!

No, this isn’t another food post. I heard Sean Plunket interviewing Assistant Police Commissioner Jon White on Morning Report this morning. Commissioner White revealed that during the police raids in Ruatoki the police photographed every person that passed through their roadblock. This was done by politely asking the occupants of cars to alight from the […]