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I have just created a cloud via a site called Wordle…a nice experience using something which has no intrinsic value other than making something nice to look at. Go to and either copy and paste text, or enter an URL for an RSS feed, then create a tag cloud that looks a lot better […]

Henry vs. Deans

What a great game. Fast and furious. Exciting to watch, and a cliff hanger until nearly the end. The Australians played with real passion. And there was no doubt that Robbie Deans created that passion. Team members spoken to during the week spoke of how Robbie makes the game fun. Hmmm… I’d be surprised if […]

7 x 7

Wellington, refined and cultured capital of New Zealand, kicked off tonight a new series of 7 x 7 lectures. For those who haven’t experienced these events seven speakers each have seven minutes to espouse their view of the world. The theme for this evening was “Seven Foundations – our reality 2008, our future 2028”. Standout […]

Pulse of the Nation

Who else is playing Pulse of the Nation? Brought to you by the folk who invented Virtual Super 14, Pulse of the Nation lets people predict the outcome of the general election. Each fortnight, if you are a subscriber, you get to pick the percentage you believe each party will get at the general election. […]