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Kluster ?

This is pretty out there, but perhaps finally a great way to harness the intellect of social networks. A group called Kluster have started an online community for people who like to tackle projects and solve problems. If you have a great idea you can submit it to the kluster group and other members of […]

Webstock 2008

I’m exhausted. What a great two days – I was overwhelmed by many web aficionados who passionately presented a myriad of topics: from the history of Open Source, to becoming “Unstuck” to “Managing Design” to “Web 2.Odium”…and more. At the end of the first day I was having difficulty remembering all the speakers I had […]

TVNZ and Tame Iti

I watched a very strident Mark Sainsbury on Close Up tonight defending himself and his programme over the giving of petrol vouchers and motel accommodation to Tame Iti and his extended family. Sainsbury got hot under the collar about it – in fact I’ve never seen him so defensive, or willing to do battle. At […]