Cut above the rest…

Barbershop, Greymouth While we were holidaying on the West Coast of New Zealand I had the best haircut ever at Murray Glen’s barbershop in Greymouth.

Murray had just had his 48th year in business. Murray told me he’s the last barber on the whole West Coast.

The salon was jam packed with regulars at 3pm in the afternoon: a traveling salesman; a fisherman; and old guy who looked like a coalminer; and a father with his two boys. It was a 40 minute wait for my normal “number one” – but worth every minute.

I took the boys in with me – it’s important they learn the ways of a mans world! Murray gave them a turn with the clippers (the highlight of the holiday), and after a quick scalp massage with some bayrum I whipped out a $20 note to pay.

He gave me $12 change! That’s an $8 haircut!

Murray said: “My conscience wouldn’t let me charge you more than that”.

By this time Sugar had turned up to see what was taking so long. She explained that her last hairdo in the city had cost her $230…poor Murray nearly collapsed.

So, next time you’re in Greymouth please pop in and have a trim. It’s a great way to meet locals, and to get the gen on what to do in the region. Barbers have an opinion on everything.

Thanks Murray.