Research on chips?

I just heard on TVNZ news that the government is funding a three year study on how to cook chips, at the same time measuring the fat and sodium levels in an average serving.

Can you believe that New Zealanders consume 7,000,000 servings of chips a week? That’s nearly two servings for every man, woman and child in New Zealand. If the four people in my household are only having chips once a month then someone out there is being pretty bloody greedy in the chip eating department. And the average fat content of a serving of chips is 11%. They hope at the end of the three year project to have reduced that by a third!

Don’t you think our money could be more wisely spent persuading people not to eat so many chips, rather than finding the healthiest method of cooking them. If we all cut our chip intake to once a month surely thats healthier (even at 11% fat content) than twice a week at a third less? You work out the maths and tell me I’m wrong.