Games Gadgets and Geeks

Unlimited PotentialA bit naughty of me since I’m on the committee but I should have been promoting this event ages ago.

Games Gadgets and Geeks happening at the Wellington Convention Centre – Renouf Foyer on the first floor of the Michael Fowler Centre.

It starts at 4.30pm, finishes at 8.30pm on Wednesday 8 August 2007.

Great speakers: Brian Sweeney from; Mario Wynands from Sidhe Interactive and Glynn Foster from Sun MicroSystems speaking on Sun’s Project Indiana.

As always the event is free (brought to you by Unlimited Potential) and there will be free pizza and beer.

2 thoughts on “Games Gadgets and Geeks”

  1. You might not have been promoting it on here until now but your nudges for others to blog earlier about it were successful. Your ability to delegate is a sign of leadership.

    At least that is the most positive spin I can think of for now 😉

    – JD

  2. Thanks for your kind words JD. I’ll try to keep them close to my heart – if you see Mr Lewis remind him he promised to promote the event as well. And your promotion brought me tears of joy.

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