National continues to try to out the person who did the secret taping at the National Party conference last weekend.

I can’t work out why.

Is it because they want to prosecute the person responsible? If that were the case surely they’d be laying a complaint with the police who would then be able to secure any and all footage of the conference.

Or is it because they are desperate for the interloper to be a Labour Party member. This would then let National put the heat back on Labour, and give them the satisfaction of saying “I told you so”.

Or is it because they are affronted that someone (not one of their own) caught them (mainly Bill EnglishLockwood Smith and Nick Smith were an added attraction) telling it how it actually is inside the National Party machine?

The fact that Bill English read from a carefuly prepared press statement declaring that he didn’t mean anything that he said in that not-so-secret conversation adds credence to the fact that what he said IS National Party policy…I would have thought if Bill was so admanant that he had been maligned he wouldn’t need a script to make his point.

TV3 did themselves no favours milking the story all week though. By the time the Nick Smith revelations came along it was all looking a bit thin, and weak.

Now National don’t know when to shut up. If it’s revealed that the person in question is NOT a Labour Party activist then we’re back to square one. Labour can continue to spin the ‘hidden agenda’ message til election day.

One thought on “National and their not-so-secret conversations”

  1. I’da thought it was pretty simple to work out… for political points they want to out the agenda(s) behind the people who made the recordings. Fair game, I guess… it is a bit of a Labour-esque tactic… attack the messenger rather than argue the message.

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