Top selling supermarket items for 2007

EggsWhat were the top selling items in New World supermarkets in 2007?

How do I know the answer to this question?

The simple fact is I don’t know it for sure, but, I have it on good authority from a friend of a friend who owns a central North Island supermarket that the top three items are [drum roll……]

  1. One dozen eggs, size 7
  2. Holiday 25’s cigarettes
  3. Anchor 2 litre milk, blue top

The type of person eating, drinking and smoking this combination does not bear thinking about. Suffice to say that they are likely to have serious health issues…high cholesterol (from excessive egg eating), lung cancer (from excessive smoking) and milk (the jury is out on that one but if you’re going to buy a lot of it why not make it the yellow top – less fat and more calcium).

This reminds me of a post I made back in August on our excessive drug taking. If these products continue to be in such high demand then our drug use for the diet related ailments will also increase.