Folk at work directed me to the video on the TV3 website of Yulia and Glyn talking about being stalked by

I have previously commented on Yulia’s talents, indirectly via a poll that the ‘wonderful’ people of Stuff ran on “who is hotter – Yulia or Hayley?”

Glyn responded to my post, in defence of Yulia, as I would expect. The thing was that I wasn’t casting dispersions on her talent but nevertheless Glyn felt the need to respond.

A lesson for all is that the web is a public place and it behoves those of us who want or seek a profile to be very careful about the information that we give out to the world. Since my post on Yulia, and Glyn’s defence of her, he invited me onto his Plaxo and LinkedIn communities. His Plaxo profile included cellphone details. Why he would make that information public is beyond me…for all he knows I could be a stalker as well.

We should also learn to pick our fights, especially online. The Punkas thread may well have been closed, but now there’s address details for Glyn and Yulia on Under the Radar…once those details are out there they are there for good.

The web is not a place for the naive. You need to protect your profile, and your contact details.