I wrote posts during the Wellington Mayoralty about the abundance of classic cars being driven by would-be councillors – no doubt in an attempt to be noticed.

It’s happening again, but with the general election. Perhaps it’s just a Wellington thing but I spotted Stephen Franks, National Party candidate for Wellington Central, driving a very cool gold VW Beetle – I’m assured by his website that it’s a 1955 classic.Stephen Franks 1955 VW

Is this an attempt to be ‘hip’?

It’ll certainly appeal to the baby boomers. Well, the car will at least.

2 thoughts on “Politicians and their cars”

  1. Talk about freaky, but I saw that car parked outside the Chinese embassy on Saturday afternoon, then, that evening, my beloved and I went to a show at Downstage, and there were Stephen and his wife, in the same row as us.

    And in the row in front were Roger Kerr and Catherine Judd. Together.

    It was like being at a meeting of the VRWC.

  2. I organised that to happen, exactly as you describe it 🙂

    BTW – I never won Mr Puniverse. I have never entered that competition. I did however make a ridiculous amount of money advertising Tordon ‘weed’ killer.

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