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Minimax #5

Well, I made it. The boat is strapped to the roof of the car. Thanks to everyone who offered to help come round and paint. Your assistance was not required this time. I put the last coat of epoxy on the hull at 6.00am this morning. It was dry by dinnertime and ready to attach […]

Minimax #4

The race is on and frankly I have no way of knowing if I will win it. Bloody epoxy takes so long to go off and according to the strange man at Barton Marine I need three layers of epoxy, three layers of varnish with sanding in between. When I’m painting I need to apply […]

Minimax #3

Well, I’m nearly at the point of putting the deck on and clinching those nails around the bow of this tiny vessel. Tonight and last night I built the steering wheel pad, installed the stringers (the walls of the cockpit) and shaped and installed the compression struts (which you can see at an angle on […]