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OECD says New Zealanders are the 3rd fattest nation

There is no disputing the fact that the general population is getting fatter. Now there’s a study to prove it, and New Zealand comes off badly. The OECD Health Data 2009 – comparing health statistics across OECD countries is behind locked doors, available only to journalists or people who subscribe to the OECD ‘service’. So, […]

Stupid people

News broke last week that the ghost of a cat had been ‘filmed’ in Hawera. Donna and Ross Sowerby revealed their stupidity by contacting the Taranaki Daily News to reveal the find. Close Up and Mark Sainsbury revealed their stupidity by sending a team down there to film them, and then handing on the footage […]

Karl Malden RIP

Karl Malden died today aged 97 years old. Many people my age will only remember him as Lt. Mike Stone in the 1970s television show The Streets of San Francisco, where he starred alongside a very young Michael Douglas. But it was watching him as Father Corrigan, the fearless Catholic priest in On the Waterfront […]