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I just made use of E-day – a day dedicated to recycling old computer equipment. I dropped off two CRT monitors and an old Apple G3 (beige) that moved at glacial speeds and never without needing Disk Aid to start it up. Surplus to requirements. The whole shebang was removed from my boot in less […]

Newspaper marketing

The Dominion Post has been running an aggressive campaign in our neighbourhood…free newspaper five days a week for three weeks…the promotion has just ended. Nearly every driveway in the local environs had the promotional paper – you could tell promotion from actual by the distinctive packaging. Last night I got a call from the Fairfax […]

Green Taxis

Since coming back from our sojourn overseas I noticed a new taxi firm has started in Wellington. Green Cabs runs a fleet of hybrid Toyota Prius cars. They have a very distinctive paint job so would be hard to miss on a cab rank. It’s not a new concept – from a Google search there […]