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Bad translation

The $2 shop is good for boat builders using epoxy resin. You need lots of disposable brushes and disposable gloves. Because everything in the $2 shop comes from China it’s highly likely that you will experience a bad translation every now and then. This is the best I have seen. …Let your finger hit by […]

Pollution in Beijing

The Chinese are now into the home straight heading for the first day of the Olympics on 080808. The question remains whether the pollution will have been cleaned up by that time. I read a fascinating feature on the New York Times today addressing this very problem. Having visited Beijing last November for seven days […]

Made in China

I’ve just got back from a holiday in Beijing and Hong Kong. What an amazing experience. I have to say a visit to Beijing did fill me with a certain dread. The spectre of Tianneman Square still lingers, and the offhand treatment at the Chinese embassy (arranging visas) certainly made me think it wouldn’t be […]