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The Ferrit is dead

Announced today: Telecom is closing Ferrit. It’s no surprise to me. It’s finally been acknowledged that the site is no longer core to the company’s business strategy. Wow. It took three years and several hundred million dollars (at least) to work that out. The idea was lame right from the beginning. It added no benefit […]

Last FM

Where have I been all these months? With my head in a hole obviously. My colleague Zef alerted me to the joys of – and what a joyous day it was. Fleet Foxes performs tomorrow night at the SFBH here in Wellington. I like their music. So, I type their name into and […]

Warners withdraws videos from YouTube

Warners and YouTube failed to come to an agreement that would “appropriately and fairly compensate recording artists, songwriters, labels and publishers for the value they provide”and as a consequence have demanded the withdrawal of their artists from YouTube. YouTube has always been a great way to promote artists and thereby encourage music sales. My personal […]

Art with a heart

Yesterday Click Suite (where I work) dedicated the day, not to designing fabulous websites but, to building/making/creating art – all for a noble cause – Save the Children in Vietnam. Emily, Rex and Stephanie (Click Suiters) are biking 400km in November through the Vietnamese countryside. As part of that experience each of them needs to […]